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Dear friends of giant soap bubbles,

after years of research and fun the boundaries
between play and science have been dissolved!
The formula for the probably biggest soap bubbles
of your lives has been cracked:

the WabbelBubble-monsters are here!
You took some awesome photos of the WabbelBubbles?

You would like us to publish them in our gallery?
We're looking forward to sendings via: info@wabbelbubble.com
If published you will receive a little gift from us!

30.06 - 04.07.2011 - Fusion Festival

For all of you who were lucky enough to snatch a ticket this year there will be the opportunity to make giant soap bubbles with us! We will set up camp in the family area close to the gaggeldubs. For the kids we'll make Wabbel primeval soup once or twice a day. And of course there will be giant soap bubbles across the festival to see and make. Come and bubble with us!

24. - 28.06.2010 - Fusion Festival

Despite rather difficult conditions like strong wind, scorching heat and loads of dust, remarkable Wabbels slipped out of our primeval soup and delighted the festival visitors.

We were out and about all day with our Wabbelmobile. But especially in the cool of the night the Wabbels were thriving, most of all in the light of the TNL projectors behind the Dubstation!

This year our workshops took place for the 3rd time, at Kinderspace (in the scorching heat of noon...) and of course at the Workshop Hangar. You could also see the Wabbels floating down from the Hangar Stage, thanks to all the participating bubblers!

P.S. If you made some nice bubble shots at the Fusion, you`re very welcome to send these to our email address in the impressum, we would really appreciate it!

11. - 13.06.2010 - Berlin Lacht