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How to mix your 5.5 litres of WabbelBubble-primeval-soup:

You need: A big clean bucket, 5 litres of water, an eggbeater and scissors.

1. Pour 1 litre of cool water into an absolutely clean bucket.
Holding the balloon containing the magic powder
directly over the bucket, cut it open and whisk the powder vigorously
with an eggbeater into the water.
Pour in the remaining 4 litres of water and again whisk thouroughly.

2. Once you've done this, pour in the Wabbel-concentrate! Mix it thoroughly, too, but do it very slowly, to create as little foam as possible!

Now the WabbelBubble-primeval-soup is ready for use!
If you should have soup left over after the Wabbel-fun,
you can store it for up to 3 weeks at least if covered well.
Perhaps strain it through a sieve to remove dirt.

How to use your Bubble-Wand-Sticks:

Dip the wands into the WabbelBubble-primeval-soup -
and again: we don't want foam, so don't stir!
Now pull the wands out, let them drip shortly over
the bucket and then open them...
and a WabbelBubble-monster hatches out!
In the course of this pay attention to the wind:
it should always blow from behind you or the Wabbel
could end up in your face!
After a while close the wands again and carefully
pull them upwards a little bit to let the Wabbel fly.

Strong wind is not so favourable for big WabbelBubbles, in this case
try to open the wands only a little bit.

In case of a dead calm drag the wands through the air around you
or move a few steps backwards to help your WabbelBubble-monster out.

Tips and Care:

WabbelBubbles are monsters who love humidity,
too much heat/sun and dust are not good for their health.
The best times to let them come out are in the morning or late evening,
best in foggy weather or after rain.

The primeval soup of the Wabbels has a constitutional tendency to produce foam, which should therefore be skimmed off every now
and then, to give the droll monsters the best start possible.

Another natural predator of the Wabbels are wild, untamed creatures called children, who like to gather in hordes to hunt
down the helpless, peaceloving monsters screaming and shouting...

Therefore they are to be avoided or better to be tamed and
instructed in the Wabbel-care:
i.e. how to blow air from underneath the bubbles or how to fan them from underneath, in order to let them live longer;
how to blow mini-Wabbels into a bigger one;
and best: how to create Wabbels themselves!


The WabbelBubble product is non-toxic, but
it contains loads (!) of soap, therefore:

-->In case of eye contact rinse with clear water to avoid irritation of the eye.
-->Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years,
soapy water might be swallowed which can lead to
nausea and vomiting with the risk of
sudsing in the mouth and foam aspiration.
Apart from that children this young tend to rub the suds into their eyes.
Children under the age of 5 years shouldn┬┤t play with the suds without a grown-up nearby.
-->Be careful with lots of suds on the ground - slippery!